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OnRobot End Effectors for Cobots

EMI OnRobot Catalog

In-Stock and ready to Plug & Produce, EMI provides advanced OnRobot handling solutions for cobots. When your cobot application requires more than a standard end effector, EMI has complete in-house EOAT engineering support to provide you with customized, cost-effective solutions.

EMI is the EOAT Specialist

  • 20 dedicated EOAT Engineers on staff ready to answer YOUR EOAT questions about YOUR EOAT project.

  • Over 12,000 custom EOAT projects completed.

  • Experienced in-house engineering and manufacturing of gripper fingers, interface plates and vacuum framing:
    • In-house 3D printing: Multi Jet Fusion, SLA, FDM.
    • In-house machining in aluminum, tool steel, and stainless steel.
    • In-house laser cutting in aluminum, and stainless steel.
    • In-house powder coated steel for EOAT base plates.

  • In-stock inventory in Ohio ready to ship the same day:
    • In-stock OnRobot Products
    • In-stock Spare Parts
    • In-stock Vacuum Cups
    • In-stock Vacuum EOAT Framing

  • Upfront, online pricing with E-commerce ease of buying.

  • Local sales support throughout the US, CAN, and MEX by EMI employees.
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