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Replacement Pads from EMI

September 20, 2021

EMI Replacement Pads

Looking for a Replacement Pad for your Gripper, Cylinder or 3D printed EOAT accessory item?

Find this helpful listing of all HNBR, Silicone, and Rubber Replacement pads available from EMI. The chart also contains important information like dimensions, max temperature, and more!

Sensor How-To Videos

September 15, 2021

EMI Fiber Optic sensor video

Many New How-To Sensor Video's from EMI

View this news article for links to the following Sensor videos:

  • How to install a Gimatic Sensor Box (SB)
  • Keyence Fiber Optic Sensor Setup
  • How to program Keyence Fiber Optic Sensors
  • How to install a Gimatic Modular Sensor Box (SBM)
  • Easy programming with Gimatic Teachable Sensors (PRO)

If you need help, EMI can advise the correct sensor for your application!

Conveyor How-To Videos

July 20, 2021

EMI New Conveyor How-To Videos

Conveyor How-To Videos from EMI!

We hope these new videos can act as a guide and help you maintain your EMI Conveyor Systems. The videos are complete with step-by-step instructions that allows you to pause and rewind in case you need time to review.

Some video's include:

  • Programming a Box Filling System by Weight
  • Set up Instructions for AC Variable Speed with Indexing
  • Adjusting an Internal Timing Belt on our Extruded Aluminum Line
  • Replacing a Conveyor Belt on our Signature
  • ... and more!

EMI's New 2021 EOAT Catalog

June 15, 2021

EMI New 2021 EOAT Catalog

EMI's 2021 Robot End-of-Arm Tooling catalog is now available!

View our 2021 Catalog promo video that features many of our new items! You can request a copy of the catalog, view it online, or download a pdf to your desktop. We have added over 400 new products!

Our Online EOAT catalog has many features making it easy to navigate!

  • Easy online ordering - Click any quick number and be directed to that part in e-commerce
  • Download individual pages, or the whole catalog.
  • Search by Part or Quick number
  • Request a Printed Copy

Industrial Cobot Stands Video from EMI

April 2, 2020
EMI YouTube Cobot Stand Video

Industrial Cobot Stands from EMI

EMI’s Cobot Pedestals extend the reach of a cobot arm. These heavy-duty cobot stands are perfect to an industrial environment where redeployment and adjustability may be required. View the video and subscribe to our channel!

December 2020 New Products for End-of-Arm Tooling

December 21, 2020

Happy Holidays from EMI

Happy Holidays from EMI

EMI will close at noon on Christmas Eve, and we will be closed Christmas Day. Wednesday, December 23rd is our last shipment day for ground packages. The deadline for Next day / Express and International shipments is Thursday, December 24th at 11:30AM. We will also close at noon New Year's Eve, and closed New Year's Day.

What's New:

  • EMI Kits now compatible with Ready Robotics Forge/OS
  • New Gimatic Compact Sprue Gripper with HNBR Pads & Vacuum Part Detection
  • OnRobot 2FG7 Parallel Gripper – In-Stock at EMI
  • New Cobot Manifold Kits
  • PRO Teachable Sensor Mounting Bracket

November 2020 New Products for End-of-Arm Tooling

November 10, 2020

OF finger stop with sensing

New Gripper Finger Stops with Sensing

These flat nylon finger stops for Gimatic OF and >ASS< GRF Gripper Fingers are sensor ready for part detection! With HNBR non-marking pads these finger stops have a sensor slot for SN.. style sensors.

What's New:

  • piSOFTGRIP Grippers with 3 Silicone Fingers
  • ShorTec Dual Durometer Sizes
  • Sprue Pusher for Size 14 and Size 20 GRZ Sprue Grippers
  • Sprue Pusher for Gimatic Compact Body DD20-16 Grippers
  • Live Chat with EMI

New Adjustable height and Fixed Height Cobot Stands

September 28, 2020

EMI Cobot Stands

New Adjustable Height and Fixed Height Cobot Stands

EMI’s Cobot Pedestals extend the reach of a cobot arm. These heavy-duty robot stands are perfect for an industrial environment where redeployment and adjustability may be required.

The extruded aluminum profile riser is the perfect solution when a variable height set-up is needed. These pedestals can be fixed directly to the floor using ½" floor anchors or integrate onto our mobile base for easy mobility and redeployment.

Similar to the adjustable riser, the fixed height cobot stand can be secured directly to the floor with ½” floor anchors or a mobile base unit can be added for easier mobility and redeployment.

New AC Variable Speed Drives Now Standard on EMI Belt Conveyors

August 19, 2020

AC drive EMI Conveyor

New AC Variable Speed Drives Now standard on EMI belt Conveyors

AC drives and brushless motors help protect belts and other mechanical equipment by offering smooth and accurate control of the motor speed and torque, prolonging conveyor life while lowering operational and maintenance costs.

What's New:

  • New >ASS< Round Quick Changers in multiple sizes
  • New Schmalz Electric Vacuum Generator for Collaborative Robots
  • New Gimatic Micro PB-0002, the smallest Sprue Gripper available.
  • Cobot Ready Conveyors

New Low Profile Slides for EOAT & other new products from EMI

July 28, 2020

Low profile slides for EOAT

Now available from EMI! This new Gimatic pneumatic ZL slide is lightweight and has a very low profile, making it perfect for EOAT.

Two bore sizes are available with two adjustable stroke options. Integrated shock absorbers, optional mounting accessories that enable clamp mounting, and optional sensors are available. These slides are designed to interface with Gimatic / >ASS< channel nuts.

Also in this article:

  • New One handle Dovetail Quick Changer for easy and safer mounting of EOAT.
  • New EMI Frequently Asked Questions page
  • 3D Printing and its use in Hybrid EOAT designed by EMI
  • Coming Soon! Cobot Stands
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