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Chute-Style Robotic Parts Diverters

Chutes, which lead to divided lanes can be an excellent way to provide automation processes. In this application, parts are placed on the conveyor by a robot.

Benefits include:

  • Cavity separation: Separate conveyor lanes isolate mold cavities—an excellent way to separate family molds
  • Quality control: If one section of the mold fails, only parts from that cavity need to be discarded
  • Extend robot range: Chutes can be used to move parts beyond the normal 'release' range of a robot
  • Increase robot speed: Chutes can increase the speed of a robot by allowing it to release all 4 parts at once—without having to rotate the end-of-arm tooling

How does it work?

  • A robot removes four parts at a time from the mold.
  • It positions the parts over the four cut outs and releases them into the chutes.
  • The parts move through the chutes to the four divided lanes.
  • The conveyor moves them to the end and fills them into four separate containers.


Part Diverting conveyor system

EMI’s Trunk Line Conveyors are built for plant-wide systems and incorporate rugged cross-bracing and sturdy construction for long distance runs. The end-mounted drives assure reliable belt tracking.

A Four Cavity Tooling drops parts onto this EAF with Lane Divider Package Conveyor which includes a catch tray

Dividers can have PVC belting or side belt guards to prevent parts from scratching and small part loss.

EAF Part Diverter

8-Chute Diverting Station with Flexible Tubing

Includes: Anti-static hose, Painted steel support frame, SST Tray for Boxes, and Leveling pads.

Part Diverter

Side-by-Side Gate style Parts Diverter

Multi Level Part Diverter

Automated Positioning and Handling System

Includes: Vertical conveyor, gravity roller, box clamps, pin stops, sensors, indexing rails and alarm stack.

Multi Level Part Diverter

Multi-level Gate style Parts Diverter

Multi Level Part Diverter
  • Parts are fed onto the stainless steel gate cylinder diverter.
  • A photo eye for for the scrap box is located on level 2.
  • A custom chute with an additional set of photo eyes measures boxes.
  • Wire mesh guarding protects both people and parts.