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Parts Cooling Conveyors, Ambient Air Cooling

Blowing ambient air over warm parts can be a relatively inexpensive way to help cool warm parts on their way to packing or assembly operations. We have two styles of ambient air blowers: Squirrel cage fans or Adjustable fans. Cooling chambers can be placed on flat or incline conveyors. Indexing the conveyor belt can help to maximize time in the cooling chamber. Blowers can be variable or fixed speed. For greater cooling needs, choose a chilled air or water cooling system.

Cooling conveyors can be configured to fit almost any conveying application. This application shows space-saving stacked cooling conveyors plus box filling. A robot places parts on the upper conveyor. The conveyor indexes and transferred parts to the lower conveyor. The lower conveyor is equipped with more fans for more cooling.

Ambient Air Parts Cooling

Cooling for thick, closed end parts

When thick walled, closed end parts need to be cooled, getting air to both inside and outside surfaces can often be difficult. This application solves the problem by having a robot place the product upside down onto an Intralox™, open-grated belt which passes through an open-ended enclosure. Ambient air blowers under the belt blow air into and around the part. To provide even greater time in the cooling chamber, the indexing cycle is sequenced with the robotic parts placement, to allow the parts to move as slowly as possible over the blowers.

Ambeint Air Parts Cooling

Using blown, ambient air to dry parts

Ambient air can also be used to dry parts that have been water cooled. This application uses an air knife to blow most of the water off of the parts. Several air blowers on top of the enclosure finish the drying job. A grid style belt allows the water to drain into a pan under the conveyor belt.

Stainless Steel Cooling Tunnel with Two Ambient Squirrel Cage Blowers

Two Adjustable Ambient Air Fans with SPD Pivoting Part Diverter

Three Adjustable Ambient Air Fans with Cooling Tunnel

Two Adjustable Ambient Air Fans with Cooling Tunnel, HEPA Air Filters and Photo-eye

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