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Auger Separators

This Auger-Style Separator includes a variable-speed drive. Two adjustment knobs allow precise setting of the gap between the auger and the stainless steel discharge chute.

The sprue/runner or subgated parts, whichever is larger, are carried to the side by the auger, while the smaller of the two pass under the auger and off the discharge chute. The adjustments accommodate a variety of part and sprue/runner sizes.

A friction spring clutch is included to assure safe operation and a safety torque limiter prevents part damage.

Free Part Runner Separation Evaluation: We will test your parts and runners on our equipment and contact you with our recommendations. We Need:

  • Sample Parts & Runners: Send us five complete “shots”. Be sure the runners are exact.
  • The Cycle Time: In seconds.
  • Conveyor Style: Specify your conveyor preference using our Conveyor Specifications Form, such as flat belt or cleated belt.
  • Press Dimensions: Fill out the appropriate Press Dimensional Data Form.
  • Send parts to: EMI Corp. 28300 Euclid Ave. Wickliffe OH 44092

Extruded Aluminum Conveyor with a S/5-2 Separator

EAK Part Diverter

Free Standing Auger Separator with Side Chute for Runners

Auger Part Diverter

Free Standing Auger Separator AS-24 Dimensional Drawing: